Best Way To Lose Weight

The best way to lose the weight for your personally

The best way to lose weight

It may sound cliché but it's true - the best way to lose weight is the way that works for you and that you will continue to do over the long haul.

If I had some super program that you hated and you only did it for a few weeks, it would be more harmful than good to you - because (A) you would likely put on more weight than you lost after you quit and (B) you would have "failed" in your mind and built a negative association toward losing weight - putting one more large obstacle in your way for any future attempts you might make.

We don't want this. We want it to be as easy and effective as it can be so you can get the results you want and keep some healthy lifestyle choices and habits for the rest of your life.

There are simple to understand fundamentals that result in weight loss that work for most, if not all people. The problem is we've heard them so many times and people have so many negative associations with them (because we're fighting ourselves every time we try to lose weight without changing the brain stuff first) they get ignored.

The basic things that work for people to lose weight worked 50 years ago, they work now and they'll work 50 years from now.

But we have habits and beliefs that have been built over the course of a lifetime that we believe are normal and fine - (because they have been normal and fine for us) but, might lead to being overweight and health problems. Beliefs that we just caught, from our environment - maybe even television. So it's time we make new beliefs and habits - adjustments to the things we think, say and do to make living in a more healthy way that weight loss is simply a product of.

1)  Consuming

Don't watch TV, use the computer, text, talk on the phone or anything else. Take the time for eating to focus on the process of eating. This is a huge thing and here's why:

When you don't focus on what you're eating, you'll eat more and faster than if you were focusing.

If you focus on eating and do it more purposefully, you'll eat less. Focus on the taste, the smell and the appearance of the food.

Take smaller bites of food. Just because you can fit half a sandwich in your mouth at once doesn't mean you should.

Chew more - it has been recommended for years to chew each bite of food 10-25 times, the higher end being the more recommended.

Put your fork down between each bite. If you are eating hand food, like a sandwich, then put that down between each bite.

Only eat sitting down. Eating standing up while cooking or at the counter causes us to eat faster.

Eat more meals over the course of the day. It is much better to eat 3-6 meals a day than it is to eat 1 or 2. To be clear - a typical American Thanksgiving dinner isn't what I mean by a meal. You'd be surprised what small amount of food can qualify as a meal.

Prepare your meals in advance. Making meals is time consuming and when we make them on the run, we'll use cheaper ingredients that are worse for you just because they are in the pantry or fridge. By planning your meals in advance, you can sneak in more healthy ingredients and have your meals ready to eat when you are ready.

Don't skip meals or go long periods without eating. The #1 job of your body is survival, when you go without food your body thinks you are starving and tries its hardest to hold onto what it has so you can live.

Unless you are making smoothies or juices out of fresh, organic, beautiful fruits and vegetables - don't drink your calories. It's way too easy to consume a huge amount of calories through drinks.

Drink more water. By doing this you help your body clean itself out and keep yourself feeling more full.

2) Spending

Both in calories and dollars, the concept of spending isn't a stranger to people who want to lose weight. Let's start with calories...

Find simple ways to do more. Every step you take counts toward calories burned and is taking you toward your goal of losing weight. Parking further from your destination with the car, walking up stairs, etc..

Find or invent ways to enjoy the exercise you do get. If you don't like riding a bike, don't. If you don't like playing basketball, don't. If you like skating, do that. If you like walking, do that. The idea is the more you enjoy it, the more likely you'll be to do it -- today and in the long run.

Spending money. You don't need an entire workout wardrobe, thousands of dollars in equipment, an expensive gym membership, costly pills - powders and potions and whatnot.

If you have a belief it's going to cost you a fortune to lose weight - you've got another obstacle that's keeping you from losing weight.. that's not even true.

The idea is to get yourself to enjoy the process. Fun! If you just give yourself more bills to pay, that's definitely counter to the goal.

Most if not all of the things listed on this page can be done right now, with exactly what you already have. Even if you don't have a pair of shoes, you can walk around your house with no shoes on. There's always a way if you're dedicated!

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