Lose Weight

A sane approach to losing weight for regular people*

* regardless of your weight, you are a regular person. We all are. Hooray for us!

Lose Weight

Every time you turn on the TV, log into the internet, check your mail or do virtually anything else the message is there waiting for you, "HEY! Lose weight, here's how!"

With our miracle pill, diet plan or equipment - you, YES YOU can lose weight and keep it off forever like a miracle or something...

Getting you to think you're going to lose weight is BIG business. Books, magazines, diet fads, pills, equipment, workout programs and so much more are produced for you to consume.

Hey, did you come here looking for the truth or do you want me to lie to you as well? Look at this website I'm creating in hopes of helping some people. It's plain. It's ugly. I can bet that even if you shared it and liked it with everyone on every piece of social media you're a part of, I'd never get rich from it.

Look at it. You can feel the truth in that, right? So what, right? Well.. that means *I* am NOT one of "them".

I'm a simple person, sitting at a 2nd hand table typing this right now. My car is currently 6 years old, my credit score is below 680 and I'm not very good looking. I have never been, nor will ever be (if I can help it) famous - and if I recommend a product or service, neither side of the transaction is going to benefit THAT greatly from my testimonial.

I am making this website because I care about your health and well being. Period. We look up at the same sky, breathe the same air and drive on the same roads - if your life is sucking, so is mine because I'm right next to you in the real world.

So here's the truth. When you spend your money on these miracle products, odds are against you to weigh any less a year from now.

Odds also say that any of us that purchase such products will purchase more of the same products and a year from then, not be much better off for it either.

But.. why?

We, my friends are consumers. It's what we do. We are spoiled and have short attention spans, we don't accept personal responsibility for our lives and we think there really is some magic pill, potion, words or something else that will be so fast and so easy - it'll be like we don't have to do anything at all.

Every year, new technology is introduced to make our lives "easier". I don't know about you, but I don't feel like my life is any easier. I feel more busy with getting less done - and you probably do too. We're running around everything is throwing itself in our face to be paid attention to and there just doesn't seem to be time to just live a life anymore.

More truth. We receive our beliefs from everyone and everything around us. If your parents gave you food as a reward or when you were stressed - or your teachers, or your neighbors or your friends.. you probably still live out that behavior.

We eat for certain emotional things and it changes our blood chemistry - our metabolism changes for that period and we feel different. And in that little moment, that's good enough for us.

As you age, hundreds of thousands of advertisements for foods, beverages and drugs are hurled at you from every possible angle in as rapid pace as they can legally do it.

As you have heard in the drug ads lists of side effects, these things can cause serious harm - yet it's perfectly fine to advertise it in a wonderful setting like an elderly couple sitting happily by a little stream with the birds singing...

Buy their stuff. No, it hasn't been 100% tested but if they waited that long to bring their crap to market they'd lose billions of dollars.

The first thing we need to change is our minds. We are responsible for our lives. It doesn't really matter how good or bad of a job was done by our parents, lack of parents, teachers, lack of teachers and so on. Here we are, right here.. right now.. there should be no one to blame.. just someone, in that mirror who is responsible for taking whatever is at this moment and molding it into whatever you choose.

The things we think, say and do shape who we are as people. When we choose the things we think, say and do - on purpose - in a direction that we actually want to go, "things" will begin to change for us. And as this process continues, we build momentum and it'll seem easier and easier.

Right now if we just lived an average life - our habits were more or less formed for us. We were told to get a job.. so we did.. not anywhere we'd like to spend time necessarily but whoever was hiring at the time.

That's how the majority of us "average" people were raised. Do this, don't do this. Why?

Because that's the way we've always done it...

If you run your own household now, do you still use product brands because your parents did? Or did you actually experiment around to see what really works best for you? Or is it a mixed bag.

Our brains are like that. We had an "interesting" childhood. As did our parents and their parents and so on.

Abuse, ignorance, all kinds of wonderful things that just get passed down because "that's the way we do it".

Well kids, the buck stops here. Now. With you and I.

I am responsible for what is left of my life - your are responsible for yours. If I want a red car, it's up to ME to find the ways to make that happen. If you want a certain type of house in a particular neighborhood, that's on you.. There is no certain house or red car fairy that's going to just hand us a bunch of crap we whine about.

You want to lose weight? Great - I recommend starting with your mind.

Realize right off the bat that ALL the habits that got you here are not the way to lose weight.

Here are some things that people "should" do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle including losing weight:

Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.

Do not eat too late at night. Several hours before bedtime is about as late as recommended.

Eat evenly spaced meals throughout the day - don't just eat 1 huge meal - space your food intake in regular intervals throughout the time you are awake.

Don't drink your calories. (meaning sodas and mass produced juices)

Get tempting foods that are really bad for you out of your home.

Don't skip meals.

Get more exercise. ANYTHING - don't go crazy and hurt yourself, parking 1 spot further and walking a few extra steps is a FINE place to start.

Same with food... ease in.. don't go "all in" if you typically eat pizzas, burgers, cakes and drink sodas, if you go 100% raw vegan, you will be MISERABLE and you will QUIT and that's not how to get it done. Initially, put romaine lettuce on your sandwich instead of iceberg. Then maybe try a piece of kale like that. Etc.. Ease your way in.. get used to it, get yourself to like the things you're not used to and build up that way.

If you sit bored in front of the TV or computer and snack - snack on celery pieces or something else that you can cut small, pop into your mouth and crunch away on.

If you start doing well - don't think going off the wagon is going to hurt anyone but you. I have been guilty of this myself. There's some area of the mind left from childhood that says, "I'll show them!" So if someone makes us upset, we get tempted to blow it all - like if we're fatter and less happy it'll somehow effect them. Well. It won't. It'll only make things longer, slower and more painful for you so crush that temptation and congratulate yourself for taking the higher road.

Think of all the positive reasons - your health, your ability to do things, your family, friends, appearance, whatever it all may be for you - and dwell on how awesome all that is as you make your way through this process of improving yourself both mentally and physically.

Think of all the negative things about the destructive behaviors that got you were you are and how they have kept you from your ultimate happiness for so long. Example. If you drink soda, look up how much sugar is in one soda. Take that picture and look at it and realize how gross it would be if you just at all that plain sugar. You wouldn't want to do it. It looks weird. It seems crazy. But that's what happens every time a can or bottle of it makes its way into your stomach.

Start to look in magazines, websites, tv shows or where ever you spend time at people with bodies that wouldn't be a bad shape for the new you. Think about how that will feel.

Don't tell anyone your plans. I know some people say it's good to make yourself accountable - and to an extent I agree. But, there are so mean spirited people out there.. even in joking that may say, "hey, how's that weight loss going fatso!" or something. You don't need that. Others may all of the sudden want to take you out do dinner at your favorite fatty food restaurant. Let them SEE the results. Not hear about them :)

All the best to you for now. Signing off my friend. Take good care of yourself.

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