Hypnotherapy -  What is it and how can it help me?

Relaxing through hypnotherapy to access the incredible power of your mind to change your habitual thoughts

What is hypnotherapy and how can it help me?

Our minds are incredibly powerful - mostly without our knowing or purposely stepping in to help it.

Your mind is beating your heart, breathing, thinking, digesting food, repairing cells and creating waste of cells that have been replaced.

The things we think are somewhat like that - we pick up our thoughts and beliefs for the most part from our environment. Teachers, parents, friends, the media, even total strangers. The mind is an amazing absorption machine and things add up.

When you are born, clearly you don't have a favorite food, color, sports team, activity, any predisposition to most things. But after living for a while and hearing so many things, "your" tastes start to form.

Funny thing is, as an adult we throw up our hands and wonder, "why am I doing all these things I don't even want to do?".

We feel that what we REALLY want is THIS... and THIS... well.. and of course that over there. But the things we think, say and do don't line up with those "real" wants.

So we don't get what we really want.

Weight loss is a big issue - let's use that as an example. Our example person remembers loving sports and running as a child. This person would REALLY love to be a runner. BUT, this person weighs 480 pounds, rarely leaves the house.. rarely leaves the couch.. and eats without even thinking most of the time.

It is reasonable to think, maybe this person was rewarded in childhood with food. Parents and teachers would give sweet, high fat treats as a way of saying "good job" for doing something they wanted.

Additionally, this person may have been poor and the person who did the cooking in the household had several jobs to make ends meet. Easy to make cheap food is NOT typically healthy food.

Sitting on the couch, watching so much television there are thousands of commercials taken in - mini movies about crappy snacks that the corporations pay millions to "spam your brain" over and over again. Catchy music, lots of color and movement - even if you're not paying attention, the message still gets in.. "HEY.. these donuts are GREAT!"

And there is the first touch of the magic.. That state of not really paying attention, relaxed... things just slip into your mind.. *POOF* These donuts are great!

With hypnotherapy and hypnosis we use that power in our favor and choose our messages on purpose.

Most of us are busy. Sometimes we're busy doing nothing. But look at us.. busy, busy, busy.. texting, emailing, watching, driving, working, complaining, spreading gossip, watching the judge shows on tv, etc. WHEW! SO BUSY!

Day after day, year after year we're just doing stuff without ANY of our own input. We're not doing anything on purpose in line with things we actually want.

Back to our example person... This person stops texting long enough to think about what is really wanted in hers or his life. This person wants that joy of fresh air and freedom from running again. It was beautiful.

What needs to be done is this person needs to start thinking, saying and doing things in line with that eventual goal. It won't happen over night and overcoming the momentum of negative programming won't be instant. It took years of many messages to build.

This is where hypnotherapy comes into play. Creating that relaxed state and feeding the mind facts and messages about the desired outcome, we can eventually create a momentum going the opposite way so we can accomplish our goals with the power of our minds working FOR us instead of AGAINST us.

For years our example person "tried" losing weight with fad diets and what not but what ends up happening is some weight is lost and more weight is gained back.

Over and over again, year after year our example person is fighting against years of programming without even realizing it. They just feel like they aren't good enough, or it's not for them. Sad. Because this is NOT true. If YOU can think it, YOU can do it. It IS for you!

How many times have you given beautiful, accurate advice to a dear friend, family member or even a total stranger.. YET.. when this same difficulty came up in your own life you struggled just as hard, if not harder and ended up ignoring advice that was given to you?

The programming built up over the course of a lifetime is NOT to be taken lightly.

Especially since it's not even OUR stuff!

So our example person tries hypnosis. A genuine effort, understanding that if we go into something with the attitude, "well this isn't going to work".. then it isn't.

So instead of wasting the session thinking about great donuts or missing the couch, total attention is given to the hypnotherapy session.

What happens during a hypnotherapy session is not magic, it's not the occult and most importantly it has nothing to do with drugs and foreign chemicals that have side effects like pooping yourself in large crowds, suicidal thoughts and actions or things of that nature.

Simply relax. Put your body in a relaxed position and start listening to the program. The hypnotherapist will start having you relax your body.

At this time the session may state some facts about the topic of your choice in a way that makes sense and puts things in a proper perspective.

More relaxation, if you concentrate solely on what the hypnotherapist is saying in a loose, easy way that's not demanding or anything, you'll start to relax and it'll be very pleasant.

I enjoy hypnosis quite a bit - similar to meditation if you've ever done that - or the sensation laying in bed about to fall asleep and that comfortable state between waking and sleeping.. just kind of being there with nothing else going on.

Then a series of messages about the topic of choice are made - nothing weird or hocus pocus about it. Things that make sense and are in line with accomplishing what the end goal is. In our example person's case, it would be about losing weight. Maybe controlling portion sizes, getting a little exercise, drinking a bit more water and cutting down on empty  calories like soft drinks and such.

Of course most of these things we already know - BUT, what we know and what we do are often two different things when we are at odds with what the momentum of our mind is doing versus what we really want to be doing in our lives.

After the messages are stated, the hypnotist will likely prepare you for coming out of the state by letting you know they will count and when they reach the target number you will be fresh and ready to get back into your day. Maybe you'd like to stretch and take a couple deep breaths to end the practice.

That's a hypnosis session.

So what this does is plants seeds of intention for the new behavior or goal you want in the field that was currently being over-run with a huge snowball of negative programming from elsewhere.

It is recommended that you do a hypnosis session every day for a week and then in intervals after that. We're trying to take control of your mind back in the ways you want and it does take a bit of time and effort. BUT, it's much faster and easier than the lifetime that put it all there in the first place.

If you're anything like me, you'll find hypnosis very enjoyable. It is excellent for its intended purpose but it is also very good for stress reduction and other general purposes - such as feeling like you're doing something good for yourself, reducing anxiety, anger and other tensions.

I have used hypnotherapy for numerous goals and have been pleased with the results - both for the intended purpose and in general. I like the process, I find the voices of the hypnotists pleasant and their messages exactly in line with the things I want.

I have done both in office hypnosis locally and purchased mp3 hypnosis sessions from HypnosisDownloads.com - both were effective though downloading the mp3's was cheaper and more comfortable because I was able to do the sessions in my own home.

There are hypnotherapy sessions for virtually any habit, life struggle, desire or even hobbies you can think of. You will see all down the right side of this page a massive list of topics that are ready for immediate download if you find things you'd like to start working on.

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I hope this rambling text has been useful in providing you information about hypnotherapy and the experience itself. All the very best to you!

You don't want me writing THIS much for you to read, do you?

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